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    Miva Storefront....

    I have been looking at some sites that have used miva and they look very limited and canned. Since I am about to start an ecommerce site I would like to know if anyone here has used Miva and their honest experience with it? I would like to know if it is really as flexible as they say or is there some limitiations I should really be aware of before i buy a hosting package that includes Miva.

    If anyone here has a better ecommerce package that I can use please feel free to suggest them also.

    Thank You

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    Actually I am working on a shopping cart myself. But it won't be finished soon since I have some other projects I need to take care of first.

    Have you tried looking at and testing the demo at ? Might give you an idea of what it has, can do and if it has what you need.

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    I have looked at their site and the websites that have used their software and i didn't find anything that reassured me that I would get what i am looking for all arounf from them. Nevertheless I would like to make sure of that be asking real people who have and/or are using it.

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