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    What do you do...

    What do you do when developing a website?

    For example can you just crack on and develop it or do you have to take frequent breaks? Do you eat while making the site?

    I eat & drink a ton (compared to normal) I take too many breaks I feel like as well, they're not just the odd 5-10 minutes I will pop out somewhere and be active I can't stay sat down. I think the strangest thing I've done during it is purchased a new phone contract on a break.

    I was just wanting to know what you guys do? (Don't think I am mad, this only applies to developing/ coding sites. Nothing to do with systems) ILoveBilling
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    I only do bits when I'm bored and then I can do it for hours with a cuppa tea every hour.
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    I have times where I can go for a few hours and not take a break and others when I have to take a break every hour or so. If I'm doing something new that requires me to think more I need more breaks. I'll go for a walk, do some exercises, or just watch a few youtube videos to let my brain relax. Sometimes all of the above. I don't eat while developing, I'll use that as a break too.

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    I typically take a break every hour or so,

    Go get some food,
    Go to the gym,
    Play basketball,
    Lay down.

    Anything that allows my brain to just shut down for a bit and not think about design or working on my websites.
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    We take several tea breaks during development, although it depends on the length of the project as well for example if can complete a website in 6 hours, it means the project is small but still i would take several tea and snack breaks in between it.

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    According to me i just have need to take the rest when i feel having stress. else i like to work continue and after finish full or half one portion of work i try to stay fresh by taking a round of my street.

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    If you work for too long, you'll end up exhausted, it's good to take breaks, but you know.. you are working, so the more you work, the more you'll do.

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    If it's a day/two project I often takes lots of mini breaks then a long lunch and go swimming as that takes my mind totally off it

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    A good thing to do is to have specific timings for your breaks. Like for example you can take a small 10 minutes break in every 2-3 hours of work. This will keep your mind refreshed and you'll also be more productive at work.
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    It is good to take a break because your mind will be refreshed and you can accomplish more.
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    I *TRY* to follow the Pomodoro technique.. 25 mins of work.. 5 mins of break.. usually watching tv or surfing some other website.. and then a big break to do something completely different!

    But sometimes i hit a groove and actually don't want to stop after 25 mins so i just keep going

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    I have a lot of trouble getting things started. As a programmer, database administrator, and Linux sysadmin, I always want to improve my abilities and try new things. This has the downfall of making me take too much time in the planning stages, sometimes to the point of "totally reinventing the wheel" when it is completely unnecessary. It is sometimes difficult for me to use the same exact solution to a same or similar problem, and it's only when I'm on a tight deadline when I am able to get out of this frame of mind.

    Once I get going, I tend to work in spurts. I get times where I'm a rock star, and beautiful and elegant code seems to just pour from my mind. This can last for mere minutes or several hours, and when it does last a good amount of time, I am able to get an incredible amount of work done. Then there are the times where I just get stuck, frustrated, and unable to work efficiently. When this happens, unless what I am working on is on a tight deadline, I am usually quick to switch to a different project. This allows me to get my mind off of the problemsome project for a while. And even if the project I'm having difficulty with is on a tight deadline, I'll still take a half-hour to an hour break -- maybe play some piano or guitar, maybe take a walk, maybe cook up a nice meal or snack. Anything to get my mind off the issue.

    This tends to work almost 100% of the time. After a while of taking my mind off the project I am having trouble with, I'm almost always able to immediately find the problem and its solution.

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    Hello Friends,

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebOutGateway View Post
    It is good to take a break because your mind will be refreshed and you can accomplish more.
    I agree! I'm not a developer/designer of websites but I work from home too and I try to take a break as often like every hour if possible, cause I've read somewhere that short and focused periods make us more productive!

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