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    I am so angry, be careful of

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    Sorry to hear that, but you have been warned by many of us here (including yours truly) for more than a couple of times that there ain't no such thing as a sub-$6 domain registration. You may want to take this as your a lesson learnt; not particularly expensive I would say, it's only $20, right? Good luck.
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    I still havn't had any problems.
    That said . . .
    I have a domain thats not important to me that I am testing things out with. So far no problems. If they do over charge me i'll be on the phone requesting a charge back with my bank and have blocked any furture attempts to bill my card.

    Perhaps you can contact enom about it?

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    Is this a canadian based company? or is ita us based company?

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    I hope you can get your money back. Otherwise just see it as a lesson: you will probably never going to have this problem again.

    It can be hard , even if it's just 20$ but it's not dramatic either.

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    Ask them to refund you. Give them five business days if they don't then do a chargeback via your credit card company.

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