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    Can't download database from Plesk


    i am facing a problem here.
    I have sold a website but now i am not able to download the database of that website. Wehn i go to database webadmin and select database and then click export button it gives message that file or diretory could not be found.

    Why? please help.

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    Maybe something is not configured properly on the server. Have you contacted your web host support and provide them with the error message?

    Do you have the MySQL database access details? You can use any third party script or service to download your databases if the internal one provided by Plesk does not work at the moment.

    You can use free trial service to backup your MySQL database.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warriorjunction View Post
    Wehn i go to database webadmin and select database and then click export button it gives message that file or diretory could not be found.
    Is this mysql database or MSSQL database?
    Plesk backup manager should be the place where you can create and download backup.
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    When you go to Webadmin (PhpMyAdmin)

    Did you go to Export -> Quick -> SQL -> Click Go?

    Also try from fresh and click the home icon and then click export.
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    VIA Shell

    mysqldump -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` DATABASE_NAME > FILE_NAME.sql

    Replace the appropriate information.

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