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    domain links

    hi , how can i add links to show under main domain when shown in google like in picture
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    Log into your Google webmaster account ( Your site needs to be registered and verified with Google so you can make changes. From there, go to Search Appearance -> Sitelinks. For more info:

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    Ahem. sorry, it's worth specifically noting that you can't currently edit the links, they are generated automatically. You can only remove existing ones that show up in searches.

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    Google Sitelinks is to be considered as a trusted brand, To have a good sitelinks is necessary a good SEO presence and have several people searching for your site daily and have backlink of pages of quality.

    Other recomendations:

    Search Engine Ranking and Keyword Relevance
    Good Link Structure

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    It's my understanding the Google creates those links when it deems them necessary. I haven't quite figured out when they occur, but it does take some time.
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    Sitelinks are usually pages that have quite a few search queries and people just those links.
    In other words Sitelinks are the important pages or pages with the most traffic.

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    they generate automatically and depends on google. you can only submit site map in google webmaster tools

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