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    Do you know where we can get free dedicated server for science purpose. We are students and do research and we have a requirement for a server to host site. As we plan our operations to be quite heavy (Gigabytes of database) and heavy traffic for data collection, simple hosting do not fit us. We are thinking of renting a dedicated server, but may be there are chances to get it for free from Universities, or reseach laboratories, some companies or somebody else. As far as I heard, usually such projects get money support and server is just bought, but as I also heard that getting money for research is hard; so as we don't need money, but need server, may be there are some solutions....
    Thank you for any ideas where to search and where to look. (We of course can post hoster ads or something else and our project plan to be open and free).

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    You might be able to find hosts that will give a discount for scientific purposes, but you will not find someone who will give you a server in a reputable datacenter for nothing. It's not realistic at all

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    Open project or not, someone has to pay the bills. And what you (OP) are asking appears to be just more than freebie.

    In other words, you won't get it.
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    Your best bet is to get a discount from a provider for you intended us, but even that can be hit or miss, depends on the provider. I don't see you having much luck with any of the larger/reputable datacenters though. As mentioned above, someone has to pay the bills

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    You can try 12 free months of AWS (Amazon Web Services Free Usage Tier. It's not a dedicated server, but it may help you.

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    Someone will have to pay the bills and you're not going to get it free, you could probably get an old server on old outdated hardware for a cheap price, try the Kimsufi range from OVH, you're talking below £20 for some of them with i3 Processors. Alternatively go for a VPS, but yes, you'd be better off getting some financial backing first, or find a way to make money out of it to cover the costs (eg google adsense) - Problem with this is that most people use adblock nowadays.
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    I highly doubt someone will be able to provide you a free dedicated server. I would save up some cash and get a cloud server instead.
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    Is this a hobby or a project sponsored by your university? Does the university not provide you with free hosting?

    What university is it and what is the nature of the research?

    Do you have some way of offering a company/organization something in return (like high-exposure advertising)?

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    If you are students, perhaps your school could provide this kind of resource? Or have suggestions?

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    kickstarter / indiegogo

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    Sorry, it is hard to find host, who is ready to provide you dedicated server just for free.

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    881 I know has done free dedicated servers in the past I think they still do them ~ It's not just a job It's a passion
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    you might need to write a grant for your project and get money that way.
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    Thank you for answers.
    Answers to questions:
    1) Advertizing - yes. We can offer putting logo, or what ever just in the center
    2) Getting financing from our university or country, it's not possible. Even with small sum

    I think that virtual server can be a good solution.
    May be from hetzner. I heard a lot of positive from them

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexF007 View Post
    2) Getting financing from our university or country, it's not possible. Even with small sum
    Not financing from university but request to host it with university internet line. Most students will do that except you can write a good project plan or maybe your project is like a game server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexF007 View Post
    As far as I heard, usually such projects get money support and server is just bought
    If you want a "FREE" dedicated server which someone else will pay for you will have to sell your idea to the right person

    For example when you come to WHT if your plan is to develop a webhosting control panel that beats others then someone might find it interesting to support you and get the benefits with you in the end

    I don't see it happening, but if it's going to happen at least you'll have to mention your plan exactly and what benefits will the supporter get in return ...
    You mentioned
    how this won't be just a waste of money ?

    "Advertizing - yes. We can offer putting logo, or what ever just in the center"

    Will this pay in the end ! Why wouldn't the supporter pay $100 in an advertisement instead and get more targeted... more possible he'll get new clients

    Also in WHT members have concerns about abusing their server in the end... Sending huge amount of spam emails or Just using the server as a data scraping you mentioned high traffic and big database ...

    You have two ways and the second one is not that easy
    1. Finding someone who actually knows you and trust you to support this project
    2. Marketing it right ...

    Also most researches don't need more than a VPS ... so you need to mention why do you need a dedicated server with this huge database processing thing
    Because when it comes to researches once you mention you need a dedicated server then you look like
    - You are trying to brute force something
    - You are going to scrap/crawl other websites
    - You are a spammer trying to send a batch of emails
    ... or any other illegal thing

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    Just saw this in my email....

    Don't know if it fits the bill.

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    We used to offer free one month testing period.

    But people just misuse them, so we stopped it.


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    What is your expected traffic? If you have good traffic, may be a sponsor can provide hosting in exchange for advertising. I can check with few sources if you can tell me the expected traffic.

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    Perhaps you can offer them ad space in return for the free server...
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    I do not think you find a free dedicated server.

    But Might you find a test trial with a credit card.

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