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    * WebNX:6x2TB $99 32Cr 512GB Ram$579 E3-1270 SAS HW Raid 10$159 Level3, ChinaUnicom VZ

    It has been more than a month since our last WHT post We are pleased to announce that our new ports to ChinaUnicom and Verizon are online, this brings us to 9 direct carriers and a large amount of private peering. Many server providers try to get the cheapest possible BW, we are going in the opposite direction. You will find few networks in LA with the quality of our network. Below you will find some nice clearance server deals as well as a few Prebuilt OnAPP/Cloud setups(with 10GB san networks!) We also have some Crypto Currency mining servers in stock

    *NO RESTRICTIONS* Everyone can get these servers! If you’re a former client, current client, or a soon to be new client. We don’t play games with our ads. If you see it here, you can get it. These promos are valid for a week or until sold out.

    Everyone’s favorite section, Clearance and one off specials!
    ** Great deals on overstocked servers! It's first come, first served so order quick! **

    There is some wiggle room on the specs of these clearance servers, if you need bigger ssds, different raid setups, etc, let us know and we will quote you.

    Need a Crypto currency setup? We have a few setups on hand with the newest generation AMD R9 video cards, perfect for litecoin mining:

    Dual core Intel cpu, 8gb ram, 64gb ssd, AMD R9 290 (good litecoin hash rate)video card $169 a month no contract!

    cheap backup server, AMD Dual core, 4gb ram, 6x 2TB only $99

    Nice budget server on our premium network:
    Newest Generation Haswell G3220 3ghz dual core, 8gb ram, 1x 128gb SSD(or 1TB HDD) $69
    Newest Generation Haswell G3220 3ghz dual core, 16gb ram, 1x 1TB 7.2k rpm $79

    Cheapest 256gb ram? AMD 48 core, 256gb ram, 4x 450gb 15k sas w/ raid 10 $329

    Cheapest 512gb ram server? AMD 32 core, 512gb ram (wow!) 4x 450gb 15k sas raid 10 $569

    Dual l5639 12/24HT cores, 96gb ram, 6x1TB enterprise HDD W/ hardware raid 10 $229 only 1

    High end Intel Dual x5660 12/24HT 2.8ghz cores! 96GB Ram, 4x 450GB 15k sas w/ HW Raid 10 $299

    Dual Xeon e5-2609, 128gb ram, 4x 450GB 15k SAS w/ hardware raid 10 $279 only 1

    Killer VPS servers / Nice upgrade from the Dual l5639s

    Intel Dual e5650 12/24HT cores, 96gb ram, 4x1TB 7,200rpm enterprise hdd w/raid 10 $249
    Intel Dual e5650 12/24HT cores, 96gb ram, 8x1TB 7,200rpm enterprise hdd w/raid 10 $299
    Intel Dual le5650 96GB ram (wow!) 4x 450gb 15,000 rpm sas w/ hardware raid 10 $269
    Intel Dual e5650 12/24HT cores, 192gb ram, 8x1TB 7,200rpm enterprise hdd w/raid 10 $399

    All of these come with a free 1gbps port and 30TB outbound traffic!

    Fast cheap starter VPS node, 15,000 rpm drives!
    Intel e3-1270, 16gb ram, 4x 450GB 15,000 RPM drives with hardware raid 10 $159 only 2

    (Easy upgrade to 128gb ram!)
    Intel E5-1650v1, 32GB Ram, 4x 1TB Enterprise HDD w/ hardware raid 10 $229 Only 1

    Nice VPS node, tons of ram, tons of cores, fast raid 10:
    AMD 16 core, 128gb ram, 4x 1TB HDD with hardware raid 10 $199 2 left

    ----End of clearance servers----

    Sample onapp test setup

    4x Hypervisors
    E5-1620 / high clock 4 core (keeps you in the 16 core free setup)
    128gb RAM
    1x 128gb ssd
    10gbps SAN connection

    1x FreeNAS san
    128gb ram
    24x 1TB 7.2k rpm HDD
    2x 256gb SSD
    10gbps SAN connection

    1x e3-1230 Controller
    16gb ram
    2x 128gb ssd w/ raid 1

    1x backup server
    Dual core
    4gb ram


    We have a large number of 10gbps options in stock, need a compute cluster with 10 or dual 10gbps? Let us know, need a budget setup for testing, etc

    We currently have all common setups in stock, E5-1650s, 1620s, dual 2620v2's and even the high end 40 core dual 2690v2 monster. We have SSDS in all sizes, and many brands.

    If you have a need for multiple servers (bulk reseller, migrating providers, setting up a cluster / your own cloud) let us know, we work amazing deals on bulk setups. Give us a try and you will see why we have been around for over a decade. An example of a nice starter cloud setup (keeps you at the 16 core OnAPP limit for the free license and lets you see if the cloud market works for you) 4x Hypervisors with E5-1620 cpus, 128gb ram each, 10gbps san network, 24TB freeNAS san w/ ssd cache, e3 controller server and low spec back up server, email [email protected] if you have looking to start your own cloud.

    1. WebNX has been in business since 1999 and on WHT since 2003. With over 10 years of WHT history we welcome you to search our past. We stand by our history and the reputation we’ve garnered.

    2. We run one of the best networks out of Los Angeles. With more than $500,000 invested in our core network upgrading to the latest Cisco ASR 9000’s and InterNAP FCP route optimizers we’re dedicated to providing you the most reliable network possible. We currently have 7 direct providers in our mix and are growing / optimizing the network all the time.

    3. We specialize in high end servers at fair prices, few providers can match our hardware configs. Some providers base configurations start out cheaper but after all the hardware addons we are usually cheaper. We pride ourselves on a “Customize Everything” approach to the dedicated server market. You tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen, we aren’t restricted by cookie cutter configs. Samsung, Intel, Plextor SSDs, high memory config >256gb ram, high end raid cards, ssd cache / cachecade, etc all in stock for fast setup.

    -For this Promo all of our servers will come with 10TB extra bandwidth! That's 20TB of outbound BW for the life of your server. We don’t meter inbound.
    -Discounted IP’s for this post / 50 cents each, time to start your vps business! IPJ required
    -Discounted $25 cPanel price for this post
    -Free DirectAdmin license on servers $179 and higher

    More than 100 drives possible on a single server setup

    Plenty of upgrades in stock:
    100mbps, 1gbps and 10gbps ports for both backend and public (high end clusters/cloud setups)
    1, 2, 3,4 and 6 TB drives
    450gb and 600gb 15,000 rpm sas drives
    Crucial 960GB SSDs (perfect for heavy reads)
    128,256 and 512gb samsung 840 pro and 1TB Samsung EVO SSDs!
    Intel enterprise solid state drives
    AMD & Nvidia high end video cards for the clients that need them.
    Fusion IO drives
    LSI 9271 1gb cache raid cards with cachevalt, cachecade, fast path, etc
    Adaptec 7xxx series 1gb cache cards
    LSI 9200 & 9300 12gbps JOBD Cards (can setup servers with over 100x drives nice bang for buck zfs backup servers)

    This is our current server offerings. Everything below here can be ordered at any quantity you need! Need 10+? No problem! Email us for a bulk price
    We specialize in custom hardware, need more ram, HDDs, SSD, SAS? Something we haven't mentioned? *[B]We can do anything you need!*

    ** Killer minecraft server! Intel Xeon e5-1620v2 4/8 Cores at 3.7ghz, 64gb ram, fast ssd! **
    New Xeon e5-1620v2, 4/8HT cores @ 3.7ghz and 3.9ghz turbo boost speed
    • 64GB DDR3 ram +$79 for 128gb ram
      1x Samsung 256gb 840 pro / super fast ssd!
      $199 20TB BW with free inbound traffic

    ** Intel E5-1650v2 Monster cpu power! Perfect vps node, high end shared**
    New Xeon e5-1620v2, Six real / 12HT cores @ 3.5ghz
    • 64GB DDR3 ram +$79 for 128gb ram
      1x Samsung 256gb 840 pro / super fast ssd!
      $229 20TB BW with free inbound traffic
      Discounted bundles:
      E5-1650v2, 64gb ram, 4x 1TB 7.2k rpm enterprise drives and hardware raid 10 $279
      E5-1650v2, 64gb ram, 4x 450gb SAS 15,000 rpm enterprise drives and hardware raid 10 $289

    ** New Haswell Xeon E3-1230v3, 8gb ram, 1x 128gb Samsung SSD **
    Haswell Xeon E3 1230v3, 4/8HT cores @ 3.3ghz and 3.7ghz turbo boost speed
    [list]upgrade to 16GB DDR3 ram +$16 ($2 a gig, wow!) for 32gb ram its $48 more
    1x Samsung 128gb 840 pro / super fast solid state ssd!
    $139 20TB BW with free inbound traffic
    +$15 (or one time $125) for Xeon 1270v3 cpu (3.5ghz base, 3.9ghz turbo speed)
    +$50 (or $500 one time) for Xeon 1280v3 cpu (3.6ghz base, 4.0ghz turbo speed)
    Discounted bundles:
    Config #1 – 1230v3, 16gb ram, 4x 1TB enterprise hard drive w/ hardware raid 10 $199
    Config #2 – 1230v3, 32gb ram, 1x Samsung 840 PRO 512gb solid state drive & 1TB HDD $189
    Config #3 – 1230v3, 32gb ram, 4x 600gb 15,000 rpm SAS w/ hardware raid 10 $259
    Config #4 – 1230v3, 32gb ram, 4x 1TB 7,200 rpm enterprise hdd w/ hardware raid 10 $239

    ** NEW Dual E5 version 2 setups, IvyBridge-EP servers, why get a V1? **
    Dual CPU Xeon E5-2620v2 12/24 core 2.1ghz, 32gb ram, 1x 1TB 1x 128GB SSD only $249!
    [list]upgrade to 64GB DDR3 ram +$64 ($2 a gig, wow!) for 128gb ram $192e
    1x Samsung 128gb 840 pro / super fast solid state ssd!
    1x 1TB 7,200 HDD
    $249 20TB BW with free inbound traffic
    +$350 to upgrade to the crazy fast Dual E5-2690v2 / 20/40 cores at 3ghz, wow!
    +$500 to upgrade to the fastest dual cpu server on the planet, Dual 2697v2, 24/48 cores at 2.7ghz
    Discounted bundles:
    Config #1 – Dual 2620v2 32gb ram, 4x 1TB enterprise hard drive w/ hardware raid 10 $329
    Config #2 – Dual 2620v2 32gb ram, 1x Samsung 840 PRO 512gb solid state drive & 1TB HDD $279
    Config #3 – Dual 2620v2 64gb ram, 4x 600gb 15,000 rpm SAS w/ hardware raid 10 $379

    Crazy vps node:
    Config #4 – Dual 2690v2 20/40cores, 256gb ram 6x 600GB 15k sas raid 10 w/ 2x SSD Cache! $950

    ** Bulk server packs, great deals on multi server orders, perfect for reselling **

    10x Xeon e3 1230v3 (3.3ghz QC), 8gb ram, 1x 500GB 7,200rpm HDD, 20TB BW $999
    (e3's for $99, wow! resell some and make nice profits, create a cluster, etc)

    5x Dual Xeon E5-2620v2, 32gb ram, 1x 1TB 7.2k hdd or 120gb ssd 20TB BW $995/$199ea
    (brand new version 2 E5 Xeons, get your bulk pack for reselling! Limited stock)

    If you wish to cut cost even more we offer “buy downs” on the higher end servers. If you see a server that looks nice and wish to save some money in the long run? Buy it down!

    We give discounts for prepaying, 6 months = 7% off 12months = 15% off


    Besides what is listed below, we have 46+ drive SATA, sas, ssd, etc setups (100+TB of space), Fusion IO, 10g backend and public network options, and complete cluster / cloud setups let us know if you need anything not listed.

    Most servers come with IPMI/kvm/media mount. we also have the option of higher end kvm rentals for better media support for $25 a month

    We are very flexible and open to unique configurations. Send us an e-mail with your requirements to [email protected] and we would be happy to provide you with a custom quote. We provide servers for some of the largest vB forums on the planet. If you have a setup that needs a lot of CPU power or disk I/O we have a solution for you, if you think it can't be done, give us a try!

    All servers come with 5 usable IP addresses on a private VLAN, no worries about traffic sniffing or IP's being randomly taken!

    Full CPanel is $25 per month

    cPanel VPS license (Xen/KVM) $12 per month
    cPanel Bulk VPS - OpenVZ 40+ $9.50 per month
    DirectAdmin **FREE** with any $159+ Dedicated Server

    Licenses are per *physical* CPU not per core

    Windows 2003 Web - $15 per CPU
    Windows 2008 Web - $10 per CPU
    Windows 2003 STD - $25 per CPU
    Windows 2008 STD - $20 per CPU
    Windows 2003 EE - $35 per CPU
    Windows 2008 EE - $30 per CPU

    Windows 2008 DE - $50 per CPU

    Anything legal in the USA and California is OK.

    Including legal adult content and proxy servers!

    With the exception of no IRC allowed.

    • Premium Cisco powered network, base network is built on six high end Cisco ASR 9000's
      Internap FCP 10G optimized

      PCCW Global – 2x10gbps
      Nlayer / GTT– 2x 10gbps
      TiNet / Tiscali – 2x10gbps
      AceDataceter mix 10gbps link
      Cogent Communications peering to cogent clients – 2x10gbps
      Any2 peering fabric – 10gbps link
      Abovenet / Zayo – 2x 10gbps
      Level3 1x 10gbps Now online!
      Verizon 1x 10gbps Now online!
      China Unicom 1x 10g port Now online!

      Telia and or Sprint is likely next

      More premium providers will be added. We don't cheap out on our network mix. If you are a client or possible future client with a certain network need please let us know and we will look into options.

    Ping tests to test file –
    Daniel Pautz - WebNX, Inc. dan >< Enterprise Hosting Solutions – Los Angeles and Manhattan NewYork based Servers
    High end Dedicated Servers at reasonable prices and a Premium network with 9x providers route optimized with the Noction IRP
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    When will you have those 6x4TB backup server in stock again? Sad to see it is now 6x2TB.
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    Yes, I am also waiting on the 6x4TB server setup! I think there were only a few of that setup and it was gone quickly during the 2014 New Year's clearance.
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