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    How long should it take to setup backups? (Webbycart)


    I've had management and backups from webbycart for the last year and for the most part they've been pretty good.

    They recently changed billing panels to WHMCS and in the process seem to have lost my server details (twice) i had to remind them the correct details 2 times.

    Then they upgraded there backup servers so i assumed they would just automatically make sure the backups were working on the new servers when they took the old server offline but this didn't seem to be the case.

    I opened a ticket on the 24th of January, requesting them to set my backups up to how they were on their old backup server - backing my data up daily & weekly.

    Since the 24th till today i've still not got the backups working. They keep saying "We will look at this and get back to you soon" but never do, I have to keep responding to the tickets to request updates.

    During this time they haven't really said sorry for delay or anything.

    Then they said its been done but when i looked on the backup FTP it had only backed up my databases.

    Then they said they will get a senior technician to look at it - this was on the 6th February.

    I'm still waiting for my backups to be setup correctly, How long should it take for them to complete this? I'm sure when i originally signed up for them it only took about 2 hours for them to set it all up.

    Anyone else having problems with WebbyCart?

    I'm really getting frustrated with them. I only ever write a couple of tickets a year i expect when i write a ticket to get someone who knows what their doing.
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    That's odd. The other day I had an issue setting up my backups with their new backup server and they responded to my support ticket fairly quickly. Have you gotten a response yet?

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    You should probably try alternate contact means such as phone / or PM from WHT to reach and sort this out. Must be a case of missed ticket.
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    This is the timeframe when my problems began. Prior to that I generally had no issues. I wonder if there was new ownership in the last year or so?

    Last year, they split my account between two servers when one of them was having chronic issues. I had two types of backups, so this was done for some redundancy.

    The problem happened when they shut down the problematic server for good early this year. I was not notified, apparently (so I was told) because I also had an active account on a live server. I don't login regularly since it is a redundant backup that should just work. When I discovered the issue, they said all my data was permanently lost. Thankfully, I have a primary backup elsewhere and also the other backup method on their other server, but this is a pretty grievous issue for a backup service.

    I asked for the issue to be escalated. They said they did, but the ticket was left open until I asked again this month when my account was up for renewal.

    In trying to get my other backup method going again, it was like pulling teeth. Each new person that took over the ticket couldn't be bothered to read what had already been discussed. By the time they got back to me with a discount for my troubles, I had had enough. I'll save even more with Amazon S3 and a local automated dump to my backup data drive.

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