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    Searching for high end providers

    Hello world,

    we are a plattform provider (e.g. HA VMs + services) for b2b/enterprise customers with our own data centers in Italy/Europe.
    One of our clients needs ressources in USA and South America (e.g. Brazil). Security and SSAE16 (ex. SAS70) certification are a absolute must for us.

    We know global players like Equinix or Interxion, but prefer to work with companies a little bit smaller and specialized in their own area.

    We have different possible solutions in the minds, e.g. like a cabinet with ordering our own servers from HP and shipping it to the location, renting dedicated servers or cloud ressources.
    The server requirements are boring, something like 200-300GB of RAM, 5-10TB of disk space and little bit of traffic.
    Important facts are the availability, quality of the service/products and security. We won't buy from re-re-re-sellers (you know...) and are favoring providers with own data centers.

    Can you recommend some providers ?

    Kind regards

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    QuadraNet came out from my mind, great support too.
    Taiwan Dedicated Server
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    You are a platform provider in Italy and your customer is looking for a US location. If your client is also from Europe you need to have a look for east cost of USA because west cost you will have higher latency to Eu and good latency to Asia.

    HugeServer Neworks, LLC - AS25780
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    yes, latency from Europe to east coast, south or midwest will be better.

    Do you have some company names ?

    Kind regards

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    Preetam Jinka

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