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    * I bought this domain name ( September 8, 2000

    * Template I got from mytemplatestorage (templatemonster). You must open a new affiliate account if you want to use it. Income is $450.00 since April 2009. Nothing lately so I suggest trying a new template or using your own custom site.

    * Keyphrases people are using to find the site on the first page of google: "classy web page design html", "classy web templates", "classy website layouts", "website templates classy", "classy web design", "classy host web design", "classy web design templates".

    * Gmail email account: [email protected] which includes google analytics.

    * Green dots for McAFee' SiteAdvisor and WOT via web browsing.

    * 255 Unique Visitors in January 2014 via awstats.

    * Price based on domain quality, domain age, google search engine placement for the above keyphrases and income.

    * Buyer must have at least 50 posts on WebHostingTalk and be a member for at least one year.


    * - Domain Name Bought September 9, 2001 (Obviously a great name and one possibility is to create a site about New York Men's Fashion, Finance and Lifestyle which showcases Superior Manhattan Living, or simply sell the domain name).

    * The template will not come with NewYorkMale as the site is far from complete and it's my personal Dynamix template I bought from Themeforest. So no files will be transferred with this domain. If you like the look simply buy the template and start fresh.

    * 379 Unique Visitors in January 2014 via awstats.

    * Gmail email account: [email protected] (Includes google analytics).

    * Twitter account:

    * Facebook Account:

    * 449.00 USD (FIRM) for ALL payable via paypal or bank transfer (If bank transfer you pay the transfer fee). Once paid you get everything listed above once cleared.

    * If interested please ONLY PM me.

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    You guys are tough. If I can't sell at the below new offer I will just keep. Thank you for looking.

    * 399.00 USD (FIRM) for ALL payable via paypal.

    * If interested please ONLY PM me.

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