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    required features for upload center (file sharing) hosting

    Hello Buddies!
    Actually I want to build a upload center (file sharing) with Linux VPS Plans, what features does the plan need to do my job?
    My Users can upload files under 100MB, consider 3000 visits per day.
    (RAM, CPU, Good disc space to start, Band width...)

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    You can go with any good provider for around 100GB disk space, 1TB+ bandwidth, 2GB RAM. This should give you a good start, you can upgrade vps later or you will be able to move to a dedicated server when you will grow.

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    You can start with 20-40GB HDD and 1GB RAM, since VPS resources is flexible nowdays. You can upgrade to more powerful later when you really need that. When upgrade, you do not need to reinstall, it will increase the space of HDD and ram only, and usually done within few minutes.
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