About TierEngine
We offer fast and reliable enterprise web hosting services. We specialize in dedicated servers, server clustering, and cloud application services. The reason customers around the world choose to rely on TierEngine is because of our experience, reliable infrastructure, hardware, outstanding customer service, and commitment to stand by our customers.

4-12 hour setup!

Intel Dual Quad-Core Xeon L5320 - 8x1.86GHz
5TB Bandwidth
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I test your network speed?
A: Of course, you can download a test file at https://tierengine.com/static/100mb.test

Q: Where is your datacenter located?
A: We have space in a brand new, state-of-the-art, datacenter in Dunmore, PA.

Q: Do you have a Service Level Agreement?
A: Absolutely. We guarentee 99.9% uptime. Details can be found at https://tierengine.com/legal#uptime


Questions? PM me anytime or email us at [email protected]