Have you seen WHMControl? If not - you really should!

Our program is a must have in this business. Here's a few things that it does:
  • Centrally and Securely Store Your Server Logins
  • Centrally and Securely Store Your Individual cPanel/FTP Logins
  • Store Logins for Both cPanel and Non-cPanel servers
  • Store Your Passwords and Access Keys under Multiple Layers of Strong Encryption
  • Change Your Root Passwords AUTOMATICALLY With One-Click or via Cron (cPanel Only)
  • Provide Individual Logins to Your Staff
  • Control What Your Staff Can Access
  • See What and When Your Staff Access Something
  • Store Server Notes for Your Staff to View
  • One-Click cPanel / WHM Access Button
  • Brute Force Login Failure Detection
  • Full Customization of Phrases/Language
  • AND MORE - Check it out today!

Here are just 5 ways WHMControl will save you TIME and MONEY:
  1. All your logins, server notes, and other crucial data are stored in a central location. No more Keepass files or spreadsheets to maintain, update, and manually distribute over potentially insecure protocols.
  2. Giving your staff access to what they need is as easy as adding them. Removing them (and their access) is just as simple!
  3. One-click access buttons to WHM allow your staff quick and easy access to servers. This saves time avoiding manually typing or copying/pasting server IPs and passwords!
  4. You can update your WHM passwords across your entire server fleet with just 1 command. This is a great time-saver when you've terminated an employee or just want to be diligent with security!
  5. Ensure that your staff are on the ball with access logging. WHMControl logs every action done with the timestamp and IP address.

~ Try Our FREE FOREVER Version or Buy Starting at Just $19.95! ~
We have a FREE FOREVER version of WHMControl that you can download and install on your server. Your license will NEVER expire, but is limited to 3 servers and includes 7 days of updates/support (which you can optionally renew for $10/year). Click here to register now!

Have more than 3 servers? No problem. Check out our regular licenses - starting at just $19.95!

~ Demo Information ~
Want to try out our demo? Check it out:


Admin Demo: admin / admin
Staff Demo: staff / staff

~ Common Questions ~
Q: How secure is the data stored in WHMControl?
A: All your server passwords and WHM access keys will be stored under multiple layers of encryption in the database. Additionally, each installation has 2 unique encryption keys used to encrypt the data - one in the database and one that is part of your license data. That way, even if someone were to get ahold your database and purchase a license to WHMControl, they still would not be able to access your data.

Q: Do you offer a trial version?
A: We do one better! We offer a FREE FOREVER version of WHMControl. It has the same features as a paid license, but is restricted to 3 servers and 7 days of updates/support (optionally renewable at $10/year). This version allows you to use the software forever without any obligation to buy unless you need more server slots! Click here to register a free version now!

Q: Does WHMControl support non-cPanel servers?
A: Absolutely! You can store the server logins for any of your servers even if they are not running cPanel. The cPanel features are optional and only activated if a WHM access key is entered in the system.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept PayPal payments only - which includes all major credit cards. If PayPal is not an option for you, we can accept US checking account payments or Western Union as well - just contact us.

Q: What if I have another question?
A: If you have any other questions about WHMControl, we encourage you to contact us! Check out our contact info at: http://www.whmcontrol.com/contact/

Thanks for taking a look! We hope to see you soon!