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    77 profiting from nonprofit Pro Infirmisí video about disabled people is using a nonprofit's video to make a profit. Does anyone else find this pathetic?

    The nonprofit charity, Pro Infirmis, created this video for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
    It's a wonderful video, just hate seeing desperate people using it like this!
    Please don't share from Petflow's website.

    "Thanks for watching, pet lovers! As a special thank you, we’ve opened access to our secret sale for you..."

    But just above that they state:
    "Please SHARE with friends and family. This is such a great message."
    Translation: "Do us this favor so we could get your friends money."

    Noticed it's being shared on Facebook. Wish people would do their homework and not just simply Share or Like blindly on that Social Network. Maybe this helped get the world out about this charity, but it also put money in Petflow's pockets.

    You can watch the video from Pro Infirmis YouTube Channel:
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