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    Question Email hosting mostly for forwards

    I couldn't find a forum specifically for email hosting, so I thought I'd post here. I need a service to host emails where about 99% of them (if needed, I can even have 100%) are simple forwards to other email addresses.

    There are plenty of email hosting services like gmail, fastmail, yahoo, etc. But they're all around $5/month/email. I need something dramatically cheaper to host thousands of forwards.


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    Looking for a budget shared hosting doesn't have to be a special host that only does email, as specialty typically comes with a higher price tag. There are a lot of hosts out there that will let you set up unlimited forwarders for like $5/mo or less.

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    Doing lots of forwarding is a bad idea, unless you do some very thorough spam filtering first. Even then it's best to ask Gmail to fetch from you than to forward on to Gmail.

    The reason is that if you forward on a spam, it looks like the spam came from the forwarding server. That can then lead provides like Gmail and aol to blacklist the server's IP.

    Although, as has already been said, a good shared host may be all you need. Alternatively, some domain registrars have packages that let you set up forwarders without going through a separate host.

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    I should've really clarified better. I don't mind paying even $100/month for an email solution. It's that I don't want to pay even $1/month/email as I'll only be forwarding for the most part and I'm going to need thousands.

    I also need either an API so these forwards are managed automatically or a very easy way to interact with the control panel (bulk import/export and user access control so I can have staff manage this). Ideally an API.

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