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    Question High quality, 'boutique' Web Hosting for a techie

    I've been running servers now for about 10 years now.

    At some point I've closed down my small IT consultancy and dragged along around 15 sites, including some CMS deployments with it.
    By now I've gotten tired of maintaining this left over dedicated server.

    I'm looking for a host that offers very good service and caters to more tech savvy customers. (no 1&1, OVH and all that crap)

    I need a full blown LAMPP environment with around 30GB space, fast (concerning resources + uplink in central Europe) and reliable.
    Shell Access with background processes and cronjobs is a must as well as a fancy Confixx/cPanel/whatever interface.

    Support has to be prime (quality goes before speed); let's say I'd like to have some particular python version installed on that box or changes made to php.ini. (I'm willing to compromise on this to some degree)

    I'm prepared to spend between 30/40$ per month, and I'd like to be able to get out of the contract monthly.

    So in short: some decent web hosting with shell access

    What's your take?
    I was thinking maybe a reseller account..?

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    Webfaction... they allow ssh.. and an install script that can be used to install just about any LAMP app ... maybe read up some reviews on them? Used them in the past but never there support, they also offer eu hosting site think its Amsterdam.

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    With that budget you might want to consider a managed VPS from Future Hosting complete with cPanel or (my favourite) Plesk. I haven't seen any other provider willing to do so much at such a good rate, and they'll quite happily configure any part of the stack or install new components — while also giving you root if you do ever want to do something yourself.

    A reseller account with the right company could work, but of course those are completely shared environments and there are limitations on how much you can configure the server.

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