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    Resseller expirence at ScalaHosting

    So my domain collection grows up and I decided to purchase a reseller hosting account cause It’s better for me to manage many domains on one account.

    So I search a great solution from a company who can help me do so.

    Usually I watched only for a big companies only, But I just see an offer from a small company called “SCALLA HOSTING” and some others too.

    I am very Suspicious person and I am not usually trust an unknown company (at least for me), But the design and the web services they offer, especially the ‘online chat’ feature are look for me very nice, professional and useful features and I give them a try.

    First try was to see the answer at all, the response time and the quality of the company.

    The start:

    So, a great guy called “Vince” Answer to my chat request and start talking with me.
    After about an hour and half! Yes an hour and half of millions of questions, Answers and Explains from ‘Vince’ I want to tell you that this was a break point for me.

    After few years of service at big companies. I can tell you that I never talk to so Nice, Helping people like ‘Vince’ and of course never been answered within maybe 5 seconds.

    Of course I decided to move to ‘Scala-Hosting’ but I still was very suspicious about the other service man In the company and the services they give.

    So, at the second day, Again, one hour of a crazy mind blowing questions from me to another 2 Great service man, Answered me with a big smile and crazy patient.

    So I needed to move my hosting from the old ones to the new one. A migration takes only 30 minutes to get answered and completed.

    After this I ask millions of questions ‘Again’ To help me with more complex features on my own platform. And again, Great service and fast answers.

    So The last check of mine was the server speed. And so far so good, I have no any problems.

    So ladies and gentelman. Great service, Full uptime, Fast speed, 24/7 online chat, Try to help with any issues even if it’s not under they responsible.

    What more you need?


    I will continue follow the service they give. In the next months.
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    Good that you are happy. Please validate your domain by using "Report".

    Please do take sometime to come back and review so it helps others. Good Luck!

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