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    Does anyone have experience with Pacnet in china?

    We're speaking with Pacnet for a client of ours that requires colo in china and fast routes back to the US. Miliseconds really matter for this customer. However, the pricing I've been seeing from them is more or less insane.

    If anyone has worked with them out of China before can you [post] what your experience was like?
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    Prixes are insane compared to...? Hopefully you are not expecting US prices oit of Hong Kong or China

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    Internet Brothers South Korea handles all Chinese customers and the connection is fine but if I could get one in China too ? . Please share your experience about them, Can you share with us the price they offered?

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    Please try and use the Hongkong route for good China connectivity. I have no information about Pacnet particularly by I think any HK provider can give you good US connectivity.
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    Consider setting up the servers in Hong Kong. It's a city of China (formerly a UK colony) with it's own British like legal system, hosting server in Hong Kong doesn't require registration with China government.
    Ping to China is around 10ms~60ms; ping to US West is around 160ms.
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    Bandwidth in Asia is more expensive while the bandwidth is most likely mixed and premium.(Multiple upstreams) Dont know how good bandwidth you can get from Pacnet but I would not rely on one upstream only if the application was that important.
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