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    PhotonVPS very unreliable

    I've been using Linux VPS for a while since I worked as a web dev freelance, and it was fairly good experience with them. They have very low cost, and never went down for 2 years.

    All websites I created were in PHP and MySQL, and some sites were built with Wordpress, customized themes and plugins, so that my client can actually go into admin pages, and update web pages on their own. I had to add some codes to these themes and plugins to meet my clients' requirements, so I hesitated to get any Wordpress related updates as well as server updates, because I was afraid they would overwrite my customized codes.

    After about 2 years, the Linux VPS server suddenly started to go down frequently (like, 3 times a week) and it was no useful anymore. It might be because of no server update/no Wordpress update, or maybe the server is just too old.

    Then I wanted to use MS Windows Server 2008 (just because it had nicer GUI than Linux), although I'll still be just using PHP and MySQL. I googled for some available MS server VPS hostings, but didn't want to pay $100+ monthly. I happened to find this PhotonVPS hosting company. Low cost, and nice-looking web site, and fairly good reviews and some bad reviews. Sometimes it's hard to tell until I actually try it out, so I decided to give it a try.

    Fast setup only if you contact them, fast response - sentences are kind of 'terse', but no problem for me, nice admin interface from their website, some bits of information seemed incorrect, but no big deal. After all is setup, they send you a nice long email saying that the server is ready. Then it took me a while to figure out that I had to create a 'virtual machine' under my account to actually have the MS Windows Server running. They helped me out setting it up, so nice customer service experience there.

    When I could Remote Desktop into the server, I was amazed at the good server performance for the price I've paid. I loved it so much then. I had to setup PHP, mySQL and all that, then bring over all website files for my clients (I used latest Wordpress version, and updated all themes and plug-ins this time). Everything seemed working good and I was so satisfied.

    After a couple of days, the server went down. I couldn't even Remote Desktop into the server. I had to login to their Admin panel, but it says 'Active' in a green button, and Status says 'ON'. Because I was urgent, I just had to reboot it from the panel, and it came back up in few minutes, hoping it wouldn’t happen again. I could Remote Desktop into the server, looked through the windows Logs but no useful info, just found 'unexpected shut down'... This same problem kept happening over and over again.

    I nuked the virtual machine, and started a new one. This time, without setting up any PHP nor MySQL. I just let it run with a clean virtual machine setup, just to make sure everything’s fine before any of my work. But the same issue happened, I decided that the server is just not reliable, and wouldn’t worth contacting the owner, as my clients were calling me every day.

    Now I went back to VPS hosting plan again, but with Parallel Plesk panel (it made things so easy to setup!), and it’s been up for about 4 months so far, without a single server down. I just never used my PhotonVPS account since then, and today, I just wanted to see how it’s doing, although I don’t have anything on the server. It’s apparently down, and I can’t Remote Desktop into the server. If I reboot it again, I know everything would come back up, but not a good one for my business.

    Maybe I was one of those unlucky ones to have a troublesome node, while others are working perfect.. maybe low cost means ‘risk’. Just wanted to share my personal experience with PhotonVPS – fast customer service, low cost, good user interface, but unreliable server.

    Now I wondering what I want to do with this PhotonVPS server sitting out there doing nothing but going down so often. I have about 7 more months before next payment. Maybe gaming server for Minecraft? Private file share?

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    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience, can you let me know your ticket number so I can see what's causing these random reboots on your VM?
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