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    Abuse Issue - Spaming

    I got few VPS orders in last 2-3 weeks. If I get 10 orders 2-3 VPS users are buying for Spaming. How to prevent from those abuse issues. Any idea ?

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    You cannot prevent these kind of abuse. However, you can probably email your clients when they order as a reminder that spamming will not be tolerated etc...

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    There's tools like MaxMind and FraudRecord available for WHMCS which I presume you're using. You may like to consider using these, they won't block all spammers from coming through, but they'll certainly help you.

    You should review each order carefully to judge whether the details are legitimate, whether the customer is using a proxy/VPN, whether the IP address matches the area given on the person's address, etc

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    If you are having openvz virtualization, I would suggest you to check out VPSmon which would be able to limit emails from each vps and can prevent spamming to great extend. Checkout their feature at
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    Hi Nexpro

    The only bit of information that I can provide you would be to make sure that your customers are all providing legitimate information when signing up, and also ensure that what they are signing up for does not include SPAM services.

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    You could probably block the users email/cc number/paypal address to make sure the spammer doesn't continue ordering for spam

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    A maxmind would certainly help here as the spammer would not use his own address so maxmind can detect fraud orders. - Offshore Web Hosting Provider. Netherlands/Romania || 24x7 Support
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    +1 on maxmind. We use it with WHMCS to get a report on any order that comes in and it has lowered our abuse rates and we have less chargebacks and fraud.

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    There are people who use all the legit information to sign-up so fraud filtering system won't detect them as fraud. Yes, you can reduce them but cannot stop them. So you should also look for email filtering systems which you can install on a server and route all outgoing emails originating from your subnet (the one your data center have reserved for your company) through it, so the VPS's sending spam emails will be automatically scanned and allowed/blocked depending on various filters you have configured.
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