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    Limstone Networks

    Gotta say, moving to Limestone because of the comments here on WHT and the regular people reviews that I know are real. Spoke to them first thing the morning and in 3 hours they have built 5 servers for me that are rather high end so to speak....
    Really good support and sales did not give me a line of crap like CARI.NET gave me. I was a fan of CARI.NET until I got screwed over and treated like a pile of crap when the sales dept. screwed up the order. CARI.NET cost of the servers is also $80 per month higher on EACH server than I am paying now. Limestone says max 4 hours and they will be built and they have a timer.
    CARI.NET told me they would be done in 6 hours and it is now 20 hours later and they still are not built!
    My humble opinion, not good for CARI lasting in business with the BBBUUULLLLLSSSHHHHIIIIITTTT METER off the charts.
    When you have a business and you have a customer spending $2600 a month already and expanding every month, then you need to keep that customer happy. But that is just my humble opinion and not sure if anyone else would agree............
    BrainMatter Inc.

    PS--- if anyone wants to dispute this is not 100% accurate and factual, I will let you see the "case notes" and the HOURS I spent of the phone with them. I can show 100% truth without a problem, stammer, stutter, or other BUT........

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    Great to hear comments like this

    5 servers in 3 hours, that's impressive too. I've heard great things about their provisioning times. For many people 24-48 hours isn't a deal breaker for set up times, but it's certainly a huge benefit when they're able to deploy so quickly.

    Make sure to update us in a couple of months with how things are going

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    Limestone is fantastic. You can't go wrong with them. We've been working with them for about a year and they have treated us like royalty.
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    We sincerely appreciate your friendly feedback, Brian! We're always here for you if you need us.
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    Hello Brian,

    If you would like to discuss this matter further, I will be happy to speak with you via our standard support options (your open case or over the phone). I wish you well with your current project and I hope you keep us in mind for future projects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mdowdy View Post
    Hello Brian,

    If you would like to discuss this matter further, I will be happy to speak with you via our standard support options (your open case or over the phone). I wish you well with your current project and I hope you keep us in mind for future projects.

    No Mike, I stated it clearly to you in the reply email and when I told you when you called me. YOU LIED.... Bottom Line, you sold me a bill of goods.... When you lie to a guy like me that is spending a $30k yearly and climbing and you treat me like a pile of crap when I call support to get it fixed, you only get ONE chance. You got TWO chances.... This was the second time you did it....
    I wish you no ill will. I just will not tell people you did a good job. I just will not tell people your a high quality company that is worth the extra dollars monthly. I just will not tell people that your honest and do your best to help!
    I will let WHT readers decide for themselves. I will let them decide if they like a liar. Have a great life without me and my company being a customer of CARI.NET

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    I've always been impressed with Limestonenetworks. They're our primary host for anything off-site such as backups.

    Love those guys.
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    I've used Limestone previously (been with them for 2 years), they are a superb provider.

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    +1 to Limestone Networks

    Going on two years with them at this point. Couldn't be happier myself. Nothing bad to say about them.
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    Yep, but the content of the post dont reflect with the title well. Should definitely change it as it is more or a complain to another Host rather then a Review on LimeStone.

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