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    need a cheap VPS 512M

    need a cheap VPS
    at lest

    2 cores
    512M ram
    10G disk
    west coast

    less than 20 usd annually

    OK,give me Urls

    thanks ^-^

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    Check out the vps offers forum .. Or check out the LET forums sure there will be a mass of them in both forums....

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    The best thing for you to do is to take a look at or take a look at the VPS offer section here at WHT.
    No host can make you any offer here at WHT, and I think LET/LEB is a better place for so low end servers you are looking for.

    @xCubeHost : Don't think he will find lots of offer for just $20/year, but maybe he will find a few.
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    May I ask what will the VPS be used for? If you want to get something decent, I would recommend increasing your budget.
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