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Thread: Legal Documents

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    Legal Documents

    Where can i find/how do i go about getting legal documents for my web hosting company?

    Even if its a template because I don't know if hostlegal is around anymore.


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    Hostlegal looks like they're still there.

    I recommend having an attorney draft some up. An attorney will know your local laws and courts and will be better equipped to give you specific guidance on any concerns you may have. Cost will vary by market but here in the US you're looking at around $150 - $500 depending on exactly what you need.

    You can even meet halfway. Buy the Hostlegal document, then write down all your questions and concerns, and meet with a lawyer. Ask him to review the document and make any necessary changes to address your concerns. That's going to be a lot cheaper than asking him to write something from scratch.

    Fortunately there's not really anything specific to web hosting that isn't covered under standard contract law, so any good lawyer will be able to help. Just be sure to meet with the lawyer first (most offer a free initial consult) and see how well you click. This is someone you're trusting your business to, and if he's rushing you through the consult without answering your questions, or if you just don't get a good feel from him, find someone else to work with.
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    I forgot to mention that I am based in the UK.

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    try legalzoom

    I use Legal Zoom for a lot of my documents, but I am not sure if they are in the UK

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    Rocketlawyer has a webhosting contract that you can generate and download if you sign up for their free trial. The bad thing is, even when the trial is free, you need to provide your credit card details. Also, you have to cancel the trial yourself before the trial ends or your credit card gets charged.

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