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    Exclamation Help me choose a Master Reseller

    hii everyone,

    im finalizing my master reseller hosts. plz share your views and suggest for some more names if possible. for this master reseller im looking for :

    - 100 gb+ ssd cached space
    - 500 gb bandwidth
    - cloudlinux
    - litespeed/nginx
    - free account transfer

    budget - $5-$25

    i have finalised a few names ( plz share your views n past experiences)

    - theprimehost - very good reviews , offer ssd and end user support , they seem very reliable .. but i need more space

    - - a few reviews , very good prices , hv cloudlinux , they are my first choice, their recent offer is mindblowing...

    - greenvaluehost - their plan/prices are best , offer free clientexec thats gr8.. my second choice.. ( just hv a feel they r a bit arrogant )

    - xinix - they have a decent pricing , offer more space and price is also nice.. my third choice

    - deasoft - i really wanted to go with them seems like they invented master resellers. prices are very nice .. but how is their support ?

    - ezpz - awesome reviews , very reliable.. but their prices are high for me.

    - hostient - i like that they hv free ssl for my clients and rvskins

    plz suggest more names if possible.

    i would like to have -

    > free ssl to my clients
    > rvskins
    > tool to change php version

    plz suggest me.

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    I work with and they are ok.

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    Middletown, USA
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    I think there's only one or two people here whom I've ever hosted with, for ... obvious reasons. When I came here I was maybe 18, I actually had a shared account with @ThePrimeHost so I can vouch for the long-term stability. I don't think I was ever down, but after 12 years, those details are fuzzy.
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    Just be careful when looking at offers that appear "to good to be true", in hosting they generally are.

    I too have used ThePrimeHost in the past and found the service and support quite good, I don't believe they offer "Master Reseller" accounts anymore - not sure though. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    Do yourself a favor and be realistic about your requirements and expectations. Master reseller hosting is in itself prone to all kind of issues you usually prefer to live without. If anything tells you something else they are outright lying.

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    primehost is not bad Ive had some positive experience with turnkey as well but not sure if they offer master reseller

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    In simple words.. i would suggest not to go for Master Reseller accounts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StableHub View Post
    In simple words.. i would suggest not to go for Master Reseller accounts!
    How come? When we first started off we found them to be great..

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    Quote Originally Posted by xCubeHost View Post
    How come? When we first started off we found them to be great..
    Unfortunately, on master reseller accounts, your provider is going to need to be extremely vigilant about the possibility of overloading. It's because you've introduced another level of reselling.

    Here's a typical cPanel reseller:

    Root -> Reseller -> End User cPanel Accounts

    Here's a master reseller:

    Root -> Reseller -> Reseller 2 -> End User cPanel Accounts

    To compound this, the main reseller has the option of adding other resellers below it, which increases the risk of overloading. It doesn't necessarily mean that overloading will occur, but it does compound the risk. As such, if you choose a provider who has master reseller access, make sure that they're doing their part in seeing that the server loads are acceptable.

    Hope this helps

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    I completely agree @AcclaimedHost.

    Its depends on the provider, but still the risk is always there. We have personally experienced in the past with EZPZ hosting when i started very long back.. today the world has become even worst to make quick bucks and that says all.. what might happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mridulm View Post
    - hostient - i like that they hv free ssl for my clients and rvskins
    Thanks for considering us. But unfortunately we had enough of Master Reseller and have totally stop selling them since months ago. I realize being a host of a Master Reseller, the biggest problem is that you might see accounts that belong to some random user in root. Like for example, I could see many accounts that do not have belong to root ending up in root whenever you remove a certain reseller permission. To be honest, there was once where I saw 100 random accounts appearing in Root instead of the individual reseller and that is when the headache arrives because you have to manually move them and at times you don't know which account belong to which reseller especially when you have 50+ reseller accounts.

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    Thanx for considering us. Im sure u'll enjoy our services.

    Totally agree with Faris above, MRs are surely heavy on the systems. Adding another level resellers need to be taken care of which itself is a huge task.
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