Looking for an enterprise grade VPS solution? Look no further, we have recently moved to the industry leader Citrix Xen.

This gives you the option of installing from your ISO image or net installer.
Citrix Xen is real with its dedicated resources. Meaning there is no sharing of ram. Its I/O speeds are prioritized equally, the same with its CPU cores.

Within the next few days, our billing system will be integrated with a citrix xen control panel so your server management and accounting will all be in one place.

Best of all, they are at the same great price! from $4.

VPS 1:

1 CPU Core
20GB HDD Space
512MB Dedicated Ram
1.5TB Bandwidth
1 IP

$4 per month
$0 Setup

VPS 2:

2 CPU Cores
50GB HDD Space
1GB Dedicated Ram
5TB Bandwidth
1 IP

$10.95 per month
$0 Setup

VPS 3:

4 CPU Cores
100GB HDD Space
2GB Dedicated Ram
5TB Bandwidth
1 IP

$20.95 per month
$0 Setup

VPS 4:

8 CPU Cores
250GB HDD Space
4GB Dedicated Ram
10TB Bandwidth
2 IPs

$28.95 per month
$0 Setup

Servers located in Jacksonville Florida

Plans can be ordered here: http://www.w4networks.com/services/vds-servers

. Illegal torrents & other prohibited material considered illegal by law & the state of Florida, are not permitted
. SPAMMING is not permitted and if you are found to be spamming you will be terminated immediately

- W4 Networks