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    Looking for VPS for host my own private Minecraft Pocket Edition server


    New to the forum, having a read about & looking for some advise.

    Id like to create my own private Minecraft PE server for a close group of friends/family.
    This will ensure the little ones can play safe within the world.

    Im looking for a VPS, as running a machine at home is out of the question.

    I dont think MCPE needs much in resources.
    <10 players

    Looking for spend 1-2 a month - very low amount i understand.


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    thanks, that website is a ready good place to start looking.
    I was googling, but far too many results to obtain any value from.

    found a number of possible vps around 128 to 256mb ram.
    Struggling to find out if thats enough to support the server app..hmm

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    OK, bit the bullet and went with


    VPS - Linux (OVZ) (SSD-Cached) - Linux-512-SolusVM Active

    Operating System:
    Debian 7.0 32-BIT

    I went with 512mb ram as i spotted pocketmine could be run on a raspberry pi and they have 512mb. hopefully it works out...

    Currently having some issue as the ip address provided is a 192.3.x.x one.. i was expected an external one? not sure what ive done wrong...

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