the past year, U.S. surveillance practices have rightly been at the forefront of domestic and global policy concerns. The National Security Agency’s bulk collection programs undermine privacy and civil liberties. Meaningful reforms must be*enacted*to defend privacy and*enhance*overall transparency of the process.

The U.S. has a long way to go to restoring consumer confidence and rebuilding relationships with our global colleagues. The government’s practices have had weighty economic consequences. Research from the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation suggests that the U.S. surveillance revelations could cost U.S. based cloud providers up to $35 billion. Even more, the long-term impacts of the unchecked electronic surveillance have yet to be fully realized.

The good news is we’re not alone in this fight. Tuesday, February 11, is*The Day We Fight Back*against mass surveillance. Thousands of organizations and Internet users are joining together to send a message to Washington to stop these intrusive surveillance practices. The i2Coalition is proud to be part of this effort and we encourage you to join in as well. We’ve highlighted ideas on*how to make a difference. Here’s how you can help:

  • Sign up on The Day We Fight Back*website*to officially join the effort
  • Contact members of Congress to*support*the USA Freedom Act and oppose the FISA Improvement Act
  • Reach out*to your elected officials on Twitter about the importance of reform
  • Add a banner*to your website that you are against mass surveillance
  • Share your*support*on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks
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  • Participate in The Day We Fight Back discussions on*Reddit
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  • Blog*about the effort and why it’s important
  • Email your networks a link to our*webpage*detailing how to promote the day