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    Live Chat Optimization Specialist Needed

    About the position

    We are currently looking for a professional sales-oriented individual who can take charge of our live chat leads during non-standard business hours (PST). The position involves answering a variety of live chat inquiries and handling them in a customer-centric way. We are looking for someone who can not only provide high level customer service but also help us develop winning processes for maximizing our live chat leads / revenue. This position is a hybrid of sales, customer service, and marketing so we would like someone who can work well in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. This position is work-from-home so we need someone who we do not need to micromanage, but is willing to communicate with us on a weekly (or more often) basis to review best practices on live chat. There are a plethora of opportunities which may stem from this position so we are looking for someone who wants to grow with the company.

    About the company

    MaxCDN is a content delivery network (CDN) provider, based in Los Angeles, California. Dedicated to reducing latency of rich-content delivery, MaxCDN maintains regional edge-servers where customer files are replicated in strategic locations around the world. Dynamic routing logic instructs the end-user's browser to display a copy of the MaxCDN customer's rich-content files, from the location in nearest proximity to the end-user. MaxCDN's Nginx servers are located in Europe, North America and Asia; MaxCDN employs Anycast stateless routing for one-to-nearest content delivery over multiple 10 Gbit/s connections.

    We work with a variety of enterprises, from a small single person blog to giant multi-million dollar corporations to accelerate their web content.

    What skills are we looking for

    Familiarity with web technologies [you know what FTP is, you know various web file formats (CSS and .js) and what they do, TechCrunch is part of your RSS feed and you read Hacker News daily]

    1 - 2 years of B2B-sales (bonus if it was in a tech company)

    Works well remotely (does not need to be micro-managed)

    2 - 4 years of startup experience in a high-growth company (bonus if it was in a sales position / tech company)

    If interested, please provide the following

    1. Attach your resume

    2. List your LinkedIn public profile URL and Twitter Handle

    3. What personal or professional experiences do you have with technology? (Example: I created a blog, I have built computers before, etc.)

    4. What are your top 3 skills?

    5. Why do you want to work for MaxCDN?

    Please send all inquiries to [email protected].

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    This is a full time position.

    We are looking for someone to work from North America, preferably on the East Coast.

    The salary will depend on experience but will start at around $2000/mo or $24k annually. Commission will also be determined.

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