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    Best router for servers and others

    Hello, i have had a lot of problems trying to find the right router.
    The router needs to be able to manage more then one IP, and handle a lot of connections.
    I'm running with a stable 800/800mbit as it lowest speed i get.
    The doesn't need wireless, but i have another router that will be connected to it and also a local server.
    i Dont mind running the public server in a DMZ mode.

    Anyone got a good solution?

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    Try contacting several of the major router vendors and list your requirements. Search Google for internet router vendors and then contact the sales team for each of them.

    With your requirements, their sales teams will tell you what they have available. Don't forget to compare pricing at the same time!
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    okat thanks! will try that

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    Just call Netgear . They are providing high quality managed routers.
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