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    I applied for a free SSL certificate from StartSSL. 1st I got some codes strating with -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----. Assuming this is the key file I copied the content and saved it as mydomain.key.
    After the validation I got some more codes starting with -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----. I saved this as mydomain.crt.

    As per the tutorials I read everywhere I need 3 files.

    Now I have the 1st two files.

    Where can I find the chain file?

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    The SSLCertificateChainFile is optional.

    You can ask your certificate provider to fetch you the chain file.
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    I went through the verification process from the beginning and got 2 more files.

    What are these?

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    Did you add a subdomain or ask for a new cert ofr a subdomain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tier1Media View Post
    Did you add a subdomain or ask for a new cert ofr a subdomain?
    Yes they wanted me to add a sub domain as well. So, I created one.

    I think I have installed SSL successfully. but a small issue in the redirection.

    In the official tutorial of ZPanel they want us to add

    "Redirect Permanent / https://zpanel.mydomain.tld/"

    under ZPanel -> Admin -> Module Admin => Apache Admin.

    Now here is the issue.

    Whenever I type my domain or a sub domain name with https:// it takes me to the ZPanel login page, not to the original page.

    So, I think I have to change this redirection command. Since I am a newbie I want someone to help me with it.

    I want it to go to the actual page with https://

    Can anybody help me, please?

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    Hi mayasl, here is the link to official StartSSL install guide. I believe you can find your answers there:

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