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    Recommended equipment and software for WISP business

    I'm in the process of setting up a new independent Wireless ISP business, together with a few partners, and would like to know the recommendations of the community on the following:

    a. Mapping software or service for WISP
    b. Billing or invoicing software
    c. Project management software *(or CRM)
    d. Add-on services aside from just wireless ISP
    e. Equipment to use

    Thank you.

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    I've used Ubiquiti in the past for information such as what you've listed. Their forums are helpful as many of the users have first-hand knowledge of what tools/products work best.
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    From a equipment side when we were looking at entering the residental/commercial wisp space in a rural area we were looking at using either Ubiquiti or Ruckus Wireless. However, our entrance into this space stalled out with funding from the rural development fund. If your looking at providing service to a rural area I would highly suggest looking at the USDA rural development fund to partially fund your deployment if possible.
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    Thank you for the information. With regard to routers, has anyone tried using Mikrotik over Cisco? I know Cisco is a popular and a very stable brand. However, a friend of mine mentioned that you can do a lot with Mikrotik routers as well. I wonder if Mikrotik is a stable brand to use, instead of Cisco or Linksys.

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