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    Finding a simple scalable host

    Hi, this is me first post here and I need help finding a good host for me site.

    I do not know much about installing servers and I would not like to spend time on that. So I would like a pre-made solution with an Apache server for HTTP, a MySQL server I can connect to using phpMyAdmin and a mail-server that just works. Then FTP access to this. Maybe a simple tool like cPanel for administrating the server.

    I know there are tons of these services and I already use one.

    What I'm looking for in addition to this is a scalable solution (I think cloud hosting is where I should look) what is very cheap if the site don't have any traffic, but at the same time can handle traffic spikes and if the site grows fast, I don't have to change server all the time, but to just scale up this one.

    I would also like the scaling to be done automatically and I've seen services which charge per hour on how much I use.

    The examples I've found that are the closes to this sells a cloud VPN, but I have to install everything myself and also script the load balancer / auto scaling myself, which I don't want to do.

    Can anyone please point me in the direction of hosting companies that does this so I can talk to them.

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    How much traffic your site have now ?
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    This is a start-up, so this site will start with 0 but the marketing budget will allow us to get 10k - 50k per day with extreme peaks.

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    You can start with a VPS there you may need at first 512RAM for Apache server for HTTP, a MySQL server, diskspace depends on your site, 1TB bandwidth can be good at startup 10k - 50k per day.

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    you can consult the vps offers forum
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    You can look for cloud with unlimited bandwidth.

    A basic cloud server with unlimited bandwidth may cost you around $5/month, but has enough power for your applications.

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