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    2nd VPS - Can I use the same domain for the host name

    I'm purchasing a second VPS on the same company and I need some clarification on the matter.

    My current domain lets call it "" is hosted on my 1st VPS and my 1st VPS has a hostname "" with two nameservers and

    If I purchase a 2nd VPS can I still use "" but will call the 2nd VPS and the two nameservers will be and

    All errors in my 1st VPS is being emailed to my If I use the same domain for the 2nd VPS where will the error report will go?

    Any suggestions? what do you normally do if you have several VPS/dedicated servers?

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    Filling in those things to oder don't really mean anything, other than what they will name your machine. Especially if this is linux, the real magic is when you point your domain to the VPS. In that respect, you can't use the exact same FQDN unless you use, at minimum, Round Robin DNS, or, the best way, a load balancer in from of, say two web servers.
    If you are running DNS, as an DNS server you are going to load zones in, then you just need to register the DNS servers at your domains registrar, and name them in your zone files.

    As far as where the mail will go, I'm assuming you are not running email on those VPSs...if you email from either, and they have DNS servers in your resolv.conf (you can resolve domains from within the VPS), they should be delivered fine. Unless, when you do a "hostname" you get [email protected]omain. Then you need to actually set your hostname and restart (I assume) sendmail (I assume you are using also).

    If you are not running a DNS server, those entries for ordering your VPS are basically meaningless.
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    you could do that

    All errors in my 1st VPS is being emailed to my If I use the same domain for the 2nd VPS where will the error report will go?
    will go to too

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    Thats a bit too technical for me.

    I'm using the 1st VPS with WHM/cPanel and resell them. And I intend to do the same to my 2nd VPS. I like to have both server send the error report like block IP, access to my WHM to only one email so I can manage it.

    When you say meaningless do you mean its not possible? or it does not really matter if I use the same domain?

    The two VPS will cater different clients I just want to make sure the client goes to the right domain. Is it as simple as registering the new nameservers in the domain with its proper IP?

    The domain I use "" is not really used. I mean I only register it so clients can have my company name on the nameservers.

    The DNS server you mention is this the DNS entries in WHM?

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    Usually, when client purchase multiple vps, they provide names as,, We treat them as machine name identifiers and they are separate from alert emails and name servers.

    If you want to receive alerts on the same email address, you just need to update your hosting company to enter the same email address while configuring WHM. This email address has nothing to do with the vps name / machine name or domain name you've provided for identifying the machine.

    For the name servers, they are completely different from VPS machine name. You just need to instruct your hosting provider to configure the name server you need on that machine.

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    Thank you for clarifying this things for me.

    One more thing. I'm planning to get backupsy for backup. Do I have to get 1 backup plan for each VPS or can I purchase one big plan for both VPS? Do my backup VPS need to have WHM/cPanel? Currently my VPS only have a few cPanel accounts and I can manually download them once a week. But this next few weeks I'm planning to transfer the rest of my reseller account to the VPS. Any tips on how to do backup on multiple VPS? Planning to get a 3rd VPS with a different company next month

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