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    Newbie Hunting for a Wordpress Host

    Hello everyone,

    In advance: Thank you for your time.

    Unabashed newbie here. Here is the situation:
    My family has had a fine glass art business for 20+ years, but has never joined the 21st century with an online presence. I am trying desperately to learn how to get my parents' business online. And I've been spending the past several days digging through piles and piles of webhosting reviews. Two weeks ago I didn't know I had to use a registrar to get a site domain. It's been a learning process. (Don't fall asleep on me yet )

    I have registered the site domain with (Who apparently also has a competitive hosting service?)
    I found a nice premium wordpress theme with themeforest. It seems promising. I am now trying to find a reliable host (preferably in the $10/mo range).

    Because the online presence is a ground-up startup, I have no idea how much traffic to anticipate, but let's be serious. Marginal, at best.

    I don't have a problem paying for extra bandwidth or upgrading, but I don't know really where to start, and I don't want to get suspended for a heavy wordpress theme, etc.

    For the present time, I'm anticipating linking an etsy account to the site for a storefront, but could see the site itself needing the commerce ability. So, I'm also wondering about site security.

    Hosts I've been reading about and considering:
    A Small Orange (ASO)

    If there are others I should consider, or if these are completely the wrong direction, please chime in. Thank you again for your input!


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    There are many hosts out there which will run your Wordpress site/s. Check the advertising on this forum board.

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    The You hosts you mentioned above are definately good ones. I think you may give prefernace to WebhostingHub and site5.

    As suggested by another member, you may look for more offers at WHT for better CPU , RAM and Bandwidth and ask for special features/packages as well.
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    As you're just starting the web site up I wouldn't worry about CPU/RAM/Bandwidth too much, most web hosting providers let you upgrade your account as you go. What I mean by this is you can start off with the lowest package and simply upgrade as of when you need to with no down time.

    Wordpress should run fine on any web host to be honest, just avoid any provider who offers unlimited disk space as its a load of garbage.

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    There was a thread under this one about this -

    Check the shared offers forum, alot better hosts than dreamhost and ASO...

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    how much your budget and what is your diskspace and bandwith requitment?
    i would recommend you to contact sales before ordering,and from that list i would recommend stablehost even i havent use them personaly

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    $10/month is a decent budget for shared hosting so i'm sure you won't have any problems finding a good host (as far as price is concerned).

    just remember to always contact the host before signing up to discuss your requirements and expectations. this is a good way to find out if a host is responsive, and it also gives you an idea how their support is like.

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    Hello Kevango,

    You've a decent budget.
    Since you're a newbie to online industry, you must have a novice question about initial set up of your wordpress blog. You need to choose a hosting provider who can provide you a top-notch support for such a novice questions. So, before selecting any hosting provider, just contact their sales team and take assurance that you will be properly assisted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevano View Post

    and I don't want to get suspended for a heavy wordpress theme, etc.
    The good news is that unless the theme is a poorly coded one you found on the internet for free, the likely hood of that happening is slim to none. Where most users end up shooting themselves in the foot though are with installing too many un-need and/or bloated plugins to support their website.
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    Congrats on your new web adventure! It sure is a fun an exciting place, isn't it?

    Hosting WordPress is relatively easy - most hosts have an auto-installer which will at least make the initial setup quick and painless. The WordPress Codex is helpful (albeit a little overwhelming).

    Once you get your site up-and-running, take a look at the W3 Total Cache plugin to set up caching (caching helps keep your server use down) and you probably want to look at WP Total Security or WordFence to keep your site secure.

    Good luck picking a host and getting off the ground!

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    Start slow and small.. and pick up a decent host. You can try offers section or contact host directly to work something out. Always make sure you have a backup!

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    almost all the big companies can be used for a wordpress blog but the ones you mentioned, I will advice to go with site5 as I used their hosting services some times ago...

    and it will be better to start with a small plan and when you get a good response on your blog then go for a bigger plan..
    best of luck

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    try hostgator


    You can try Hostgator and Bluehost

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    Look for a host that offers WordPress security. WordPress is one of the top hacker targets right now and many shared hosts will just shut your site down if it attracts a brute force login attack, and ALL WordPress sites will be attacked at some point.

    Ask your prospective host what they'll do if your site is swarmed by a distributed brute force attack against the wp-admin backend and pick one that has the tools to thwart it and won't shut your site down.

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    Thank you all for the responses!

    Quote Originally Posted by a2andy View Post
    ...take a look at the W3 Total Cache plugin to set up caching (caching helps keep your server use down) and you probably want to look at WP Total Security or WordFence to keep your site secure.
    Thank you for the advice! I'm still wondering what fundamental security my host should guarantee.

    So far, I've narrowed down some of the options to Stablehost and Site5. Maybe there was another in the running I forgot about. Stablehost boasts of a lot of "unlimteds" but I keep seeing good things about them. And it's nice to puruse the forum and continually see posts from Ben at Site5, as well. That kind of customer attention and attempt at transparency goes far. I looked up Web Hosting Hub, who frankly appeals simply for their boasting of easy-to-use interface and setup. But I saw several reviews warning against their support.

    The process feels a little arduous, but here's hoping sorting through things pays off with less headache later!

    It's past business hours now, so I'll call site5 and stablehost tomorrow, but because I'm figuring out what bases to cover, what would be a necessary question or point to get clarity on?

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    There are a lot of web host that offers a very affordable price. But remember to Avoid Long-Term Contracts Unless You Trust them.

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