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    HyperDDOS/VortexVM Review

    Not impressed with these guys.

    Signed up with them about 3 days ago. First problem I have is that as soon as I apply my (fairly sparse, pretty much just a policy DROP with allow on port 22) firewall rules I am no longer able to ssh to the box. Email support, they don't have an answer for me.

    Console is broken, so the only option I have is to reinstall. Submit a support ticket for the broken console. Reply back is "Console is broken right now, I have to check with my boss to see when it will be fixed". Hear nothing for 2 days. Then I get an email that the ticket is being closed. So I respond that I'm still waiting to hear back from them on the console issue. They reply "There is an internal error with WHCMS. We will work to fix it soon".

    Now here's the kicker. Last night I try to actually login and do things on my VPS, and I can't get to it anymore. I figure the firewall must have gotten turned on somehow again so I just do a reinstall. Twice. Still no go on connectivity.

    I open a support ticket, here is literally the response I received. "Seems as if your IP was null-routed. Your new ip is :"


    I signed up for DDOS protection to *avoid* being null routed by my current provider, I certainly do not need a host that null routes me randomly for no apparent reason.

    I'd recommend staying away from this provider. They obviously do not have their **** together. Today they sent out the following email:

    Subject: HyperDDOS is moving!

    Hello Adam,

    This is a mass message to let you all know that we are moving! We are currently in progress of setting up a new domain. All products and services bought and paid for will remain active however the domain may no longer redirect to HyperDDoS's page. Our new domain will be http: // There are many reasons we are switching, but here are a few below.

    - HyperDDoS sounds like a IP Stressing / Booting site.
    - VortexVM is a better VPS/Dedicated server selling name.
    - We have a problem with the HyperDDoS domain provider.

    One of our partners is trying to take over the company completely so we are moving to our own company with all of our clients. All of your products and services will be moved to VortexVM, so if you require help or have questons, email us at [email protected]. Also, VortexVM will temporarly have a WHMCS design as we are working on the new design for that website.

    Asked for my money back, was told, essentially, "You agreed to the TOS, so F you."

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    Here some more about it :

    100% Scamming Company

    They changed name 500 times !
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    Quote Originally Posted by MAXZEUS View Post

    They changed name 500 times !

    This will tell everything.
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    Sorry to hear about your experience with them. I always recommend doing a little research about the company before decided to order any services.

    I'm looking at their VPS plans and they offer 5 Gbps of DDoS protection for $20 per month, which I'm not sure how they can provide that for only $20 per month.

    Keep in mind that you get what you pay for
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    They looks like kids "One of our partners is trying to take over the company completely so we are moving"
    who is doing that? a normal company will never has such problems even if there are 1 or 100 partners, and to buy a ddos vps and get ip off that is bad too, or the ddos attack where to big for them to handle.
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