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    Server for mAdserve?

    Hi all. I'm looking for a server which can easily run mAdserve (

    They recommend, but I wanted to get some more opinions before making a commitment. If anyone has any experience with hosting/setting up mAdserve, I would really appreciate your feedback.

    This is my first time getting a dedicated server. I am looking for a fairly basic setup as I learn how to use the software. So I reckon a single processor, 2GB of RAM, Linux with cPanel, decent amount of storage and bandwidth. Also needs to have this (but I imagine it's standard stuff):

    PHP Version 5.3 or above with MySQL support.
    PHP SimpleXML Extension
    PHP cURL Extension OR fsocket suppport
    PHP mbstring extension

    Most basic setup at comes up to around $150/month. Honestly, it's a little steep for me. I would happy to settle for $100/month.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what that entails. I didn't think it'd be any different from regular shared hosting, other than beefed up specs and of course it being dedicated.

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    Very different. You need a management company to keep it up to date, secure and perform your software install requirements. You will also need a control panel license, so add $25-$35 on top of the server for a cPanel/WHM license.

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    Interesting. So then could you please recommend a solution for me?

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