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    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    I've got to send this to my friends who ask me to remove the virus from their pc every time it starts getting laggy

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    There are few more signs, for example - the bitcoin miners who utilise your gpu/cpu @ 100%, the processes are not even shown @ the Task manager.

    What about the e-mail messages? It's not 100% that your friends will start receiving mails from you. It's more likely to start sending tons and tons of spam and still go undetected, until your ISP calls you about it.

    And, the most-common ways to infect your pc - if the user is gullible enough to click on this or that link sent to them over instant messengers, facebook or e-mail.

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    This caused me to stop and question the validity of the entire article:
    The malicious software has already made use of unpatched software, often the Java Runtime Environment or an Adobe product, to completely exploit your system.
    A blanket statement like that is often made by someone without a clue and is using buzzwords and FUD to lend credibility to the article.
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