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    Question Domain Expiry question

    Hello All,
    I am interested in registering a domain that has just expired on 1st Feb 2014 and this domain doesn't belong to me. Obviously the owner of the domain is also not interested in renewing it.

    Currently while trying to open the URL it takes me to parking page which has a link to renew the domain. So I assume the usual grace period (30 - 60 days) is being offered to the current owner so that he can renew the domain. Today while doing a WHOIS, I noticed that the domain expiry has extended by 1 year (Feb-2015), but while visiting the site it still says domain renewal pending.

    The site in which the domain was registered states the following in their FAQ:

    'When a domain name expires, the Registry auto-renews it for a period of 1 year and locks our funds for the same. However, the Auto-Renewal action is not immediate, but is queued up for execution. This often takes upto 48 hours to complete.'

    This does mean that I will have to wait for 1 year to register this domain assuming that the previous owner doesn't renew it.
    Please help me on understanding this.

    Also is it worth using one of the domain back ordering services keeping in mind this is not a very popular domain and is unlikely to see any demand.

    Thanks in advance..

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    It depends how bad you want this domain. You dont have to spend very much to back order it. You will want to select the proper back ordering service depending on where this domain is currently registered. The registrars give priority to them.

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    No, it doesn't mean that you will need to wait 1 year. In the Renewal Grace Period, what happens is that the domain is temporary auto-renewed until the Registrars asks the Registry to remove (0-45 days). After that, the domain will have to go through the Redemption Period (Pending Delete - Restorable) (30 days) and then through Pending Delete (5 days).

    The domain will be available to you from 35 to 80 days after expiration date. If you have the actual domain name Registrar and would be able to share with me, i can try to tell you when will it be available to registration again.
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    Thanks for the information guys..Looks like the current owner has decided to keep the domain for another year, so his original site is back as opposed to the parking page that was being displayed previously.

    Thanks anyway..Will register another domain now.

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