zbode offers DDoS protection powered by leading, wholly owned DDoS mitigation hardware and our Expert IT staff.

Why zbode?

1. We own and operate our own DDoS Protection Hardware
We only use the leading Dedicated DDoS protection hardware to provide powerful protection in both Europe and the United States.

2. Our protection is fast and tailored to you.
We chose our mitigation hardware due to its speed of mitigation and ability to customize protection per IP -- in order to provide the most efficient solution.

Websites and applications can take advantage of zbode’s transparent solution to DDoS attacks. While game and Minecraft server operators can provide a highly available, safe, and DDoS-free gaming experience.

Transparent DDoS Protection
NEW United States / Europe

DDoS Protection for Game Servers
NEW United States / Europe

DDoS Protection for Minecraft Servers
NEW United States / Europe

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To learn more, please visit http://zbode.com