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    Thumbs up Turnkey Internet turbo vps review

    I want to share my experience of using the turnkey internet's xen based vps plans, I want to rate them on basis of some real life no-BS criteria, Most of their users are using some sort of shared environment with them, like reseller acc or a vps, Both being a shared environment always tend to get misused by other users alotted on the node. So problems come on shared environment with almost all providers, TI seems no exception to me, But the professionalism of their communication is very good, their spirit to help is really good and they do solve the trouble. I want to give their support 9/10 since it got a bit delay in rebooting my machine when it came down, But the communication was good.

    The hardware, Its something I want to give 11/10 to them since the hardware is great as specified on sales pages but +1 for the green thing which really attracted me to try their plans, since its nature friendly and dont cause damages to environment as much as other providers do.

    Its been a joy and no serious problems, of any kind. Their plans are currently offered at good prices and their solid infrastructure is really good to assure me that my online properties are in good hands, and thats the most important thing.

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    Thanks for your sharing.

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    good to see you happy with them
    also please verify your review to mods

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    good to hear turnkeys vps are good been looking to them for a reseller possibly in the near future.

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