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    Moving old site/domain to a new one


    We are moving our well established web site under its old domain to a new one. We're moving all the content over of course.

    What we are not sure about is how to do the redirect to make it SE friendly. Our dev has suggested 2 options and I'd really like to recheck that with anybody that might know more about it here. Would appreciate!

    So his two suggestions are:

    OPTION #1
    first that comes in mind is this - user goes to and gets redirected to new domain
    [14:15:09] Yuri Omelchuk: so only domain changes
    [14:15:42] Yuri Omelchuk: then, on new site we catch this obviously not-existing URL and determine what new URL would be for this old URL
    [14:16:29] Yuri Omelchuk: and user would be redirected to new URL (two redirects)

    OPTION #2
    the other way around is to install some sort of redirector on old SI site and decide what new URL would match requested old URL and redirect only once right to next URL

    So guys what do you think would be best in this day and age for such site renaming/moves? In terms of redircts. What are best used?

    Thanks! Would appreciate help!

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    Google says to use 301 redirects. I would do it the way google suggests. Make sure each indexed page on the old domain has a 301 to the corresponding page on the new domain.

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    Use 301 permanent, it is recommended for SEO and it will passes 90-99% of link juice to the redirected page. Do it as mentioned by yitbos33 by ensuring old domain pages have a 301 redirect to the corresponding pages on the new domain. - We Nurse & Babysit Your Websites!
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    webmaster tools helps you do it easily sign up and check the 301 redirects page

    check more info on google :
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