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    Windows 2012 vps in canada

    Hi all

    Been a while but thought I would put this question out again.

    I have a Windows 2012 VPS in a Canadian data center. I am not happy with my current provider.

    I am looking for a Canadian provider that is semi managed. My budget is 70.00/month.

    I have tried and Neither impress me.

    Can anyone recommend a good Canadian provider?

    I have to keep the data center in Canada. And an option to install my own license on a VPS would be a bonus

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    Could you please define 'semi-managed'? Management offers very widely. If you're looking for basic management (as in just availability checks), OVH's Canada datacenter could get you dedi with Windows at that price point. - Ditch your slow host and choose the best!

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    Might be worth checking out OVH, but they are unmanaged.
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    Thanks for the recommendation - checked OVH out, cant do my own OS. Any other suggestions?
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    I'm not aware of any Canadian Windows hosts.
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