is offering you PREMIUM VPS hosting in Toyko Japan!

Tokyo KDDI TELEHOUSE premium datacenter
Xen System (no overselling)
60G SSD space
1000G Bandwidth
2G dedicated ram
72 linux OS options
English supports
NO Japan address needed
Paypal accepted

=$89USD /month

to order, please visit

Notes on Bandwidth
It is always seen that local Japan hosting providers offer "unmetered" bandwidth, but if you really dig market enough, you know that under those unmetered shared hosting, it is so hard to pull over 1mbps bandwidth, even on some popular low budget dedicated servers providers (such as S***), 1.5mbps is hard to reach. This is not only verified by those providers , but also what we have physically learned in Japan. At, we use international hosting standard, we limit your monthly traffic instead of bandwidth! You could pull 10mbps anytime you want!