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    Hi we're new to all this forum stuff so please be gentle with us. I (as its me that has registered) and my partner are starting a new business and are looking for the holy grail in web hosting. As the company is yet to be fully launched we are doing the ground work and wanting to get things in place, such as web hosting. We've turned to this forum for help and guidance as we don't want to be bombarded with advert type advice. All that does is put us off and we generally walk the opposite direction. We are looking for British based stable hosting for a small (initially) manufacturing company with decent band width, unlimited space, 24/7 support and excellent SEO with capacity for e-commerce. We don't have oodles of money so are looking for the best package that we can get. We don't really need wed design although open to suggestions advice etc and we already have our domain names. Well intro over. Glad for any help or advice in sourcing our web hosts...........................over to you guys to hit us with what we need to look out for or who to avoid. Cheers in advance P

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    Welcome to Web Hosting Talk. Enjoy your stay!

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    Welcome WHT and looking for provider offers I could suggest. You can Check out the Offers Section.
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