xCubeHost Continues Web Hosting Growth With USA Services

Today on the 3rd February,2014, xCubeHost is proud to announce the opening of our USA web hosting (Washington DC) and reseller hosting packages (Los Angeles, California).

Since our switch over from a old domain name in the summer of 2013, offering only UK web hosting we have steadily grown into a popular web hosting company, which a edge on support and pricing giving us that growth many web hosts owners strive for.

Our reseller hosting, based in Los Angeles, California runs on Xeon E5 Processors, also with LiteSpeed Web Server and Varnish Cache also with a CDN plugin, we coulden't make the server any faster to manage customers websites! In this day and age speed is important, and with taking the extra time to choose and pick the right setup and plugins this will hopefully help our customers in choosing us, speed is good!

Our USA web hosting packages are based in Washington DC, also running on Nginx and Varnish Cache and SSD hard drives, thus ensuring our servers are much like the reseller hosting with both speed and loading times, features and plugins available to the customers.

Adding the current UK web hosting with our new USA ranges we hope to extend our market, support and services into the USA and with plans for Asian hosting in the summer, giving us the company ever growing challenges and rewards while offering our customer base more web hosting solutions in the ever world of the web hosting market.

We started out with UK hosting, and now adding these packages to our catalogue with give our customers and new customers a greater choice of locations, prices and plugins.

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