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    SolusVM reseller feature question

    I am interested in trying a SolusVM reseller account.

    Is it possible integrated with my installed WHMCS with full provisioning command like create, terminate, suspend, boot, reboot, shutdown, reload etc.?

    Is it possible to view the graph of disk space and bandwidth to in user clientarea?


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    Alot of what you are asking is here -

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    Hello, yes check they have a special module for that.
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    Nope its not possible, because in reseller mode, the reseller wont give you access to admin api`s.
    And without admin api nothing is possible. All you have is client api and with client api nothing can be achieved.
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    I don't think this is possible, we did have someone request this access from us also anybody know if I am wrong? If so please link us up with more information!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRackSx View Post
    Hello, yes check they have a special module for that.
    It is not for reseller.

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    The SolusVM WHMCS reseller module is pretty poor IMHO. The SolusVM Reseller System itself isn't much better. For instance, reseller accounts cannot modify resources assigned to VPS' - the hosting provider of that VPS Reseller must be contacted. That is one of the biggest issues from my experience.

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