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    Does No of Index pages Google depends on webhosting server also?


    i want to know if the google indexed pages depends on the server size or kind of server?

    Means i am using hostgator vps with no. of sites. Can this reduce the no of pages indexed in google due to server load?

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    Simply: No.

    If you really want to get technical... I'd have to explain it in full, but in general, google slaps your hand if you're on a bad server (like, if it's a spammer server, it's not a good company as in, it deploys black hat tactics to increase search engine crawls or ranking). It slaps your hand if it's not online for X amount of days, or something like that. In general, there are grey areas that go from here, to over there. Think of it like those overlapping problems that may cause this and that.
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    thanks for reply feisty, I am on hostgator and one of my site is 3+ years old. I saw indexed pages changing time to time but not remains steady with 100k+ pages indexed and keeps dropping to nearly 50k only. I saw one time it touched 165k pages then again dropped to old 50k. what will be the problem?

    my site is

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