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Thread: New to VOIP.

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    New to VOIP.

    Hello guys!

    I'm new to the forums. I hope to be around.

    Also note that I'm from Australia.

    So I'm trying to get a good understanding of VOIP So first thing is first.

    I want a VOIP server that will take inbound calls from people who are using their landline or mobile phone and give a user option (Like Press 1 for sales, etc)

    Depending on the user option, I want the VOIP server to redirect the call to a company mobile phone which then will get answered by a company Representative the call.

    Q: If this is possible to do what type of VOIP software would you recommend?

    Q: Now because it will redirect the phone call to a mobile phone do i need to purchase a land-line package from optus or bigpond or with a phone company or how does that work? - VOIP company's charge something like 0.28 cents per min on a forward mobile phone.

    Q: Say if i purchased a 1300/1800 number That i actually own how do i point it to the VOIP server? - Is it like a Domain name, where you point the DNS names to a hosting server?

    What I'm trying to achieve here is to remove the middle man and save cost by doing it myself. I have a lot of experience with web servers, VPS/Dedicated servers etc. I was even thinking of buying one of these Digital Cards and setup a server myself at home. (I know that the server would have to stay online 24/7).

    Its just the matter of knowing before i dive into things.

    Any questions please feel free to ask me and sorry in advance if your having trouble understanding.

    Thank you!,

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    Hi and welcome to wht,

    All your requirements are possible, your best bet is an asterisk server, and the most popular control panel/gui for it is freepbx, which can be configured almost like any advanced phone system out there with almost all the imaginable features which can be integrated into a phone system.

    Simple explanation of how it works:
    The provider for your phone number (DID) should give you trunk settings, which would have to be configured in asterisk. This is called origination.
    Anyone who calls your phone number, your provider routes the call to your server, your server sends it to the correct extension or destination.
    Now you're able to receive calls and route them thru an ivr and auto-attendant (press1, press2, sorry office is closed, etc...)
    To make outbound calls (termination), you would have to have separate trunk to send the calls to. Again you would have to have a provider who you can use to terminate all your calls.
    You could dip this many different ways, either by ip or by pstn card to a pstn provider depending on what's more suitable for your usage.

    It's not really hard, but if you're learning about it, it may take you sometime to understand the basics.

    Let me know if you need a hand.


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