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    Which DNS service to use?

    I have had CloudFlare for the longest time, but recently, they slow down my forum Admin panel immensely. I'm not sure what it is, but if I move to another DNS host like GoDaddy, it is fast. The main page is quick, but the Admin panel is terrible. And, there is only one visitor (me) to the forum.

    My host (rated the best in support, InMotion Hosting) had tried it, and did not have any problems whatsoever.

    I turned caching off, and now just use the DNS resolve only.

    I looked it up, and people are stepping away from CloudFlare.

    I'm wondering what everyone else is using on here.

    I've seen a few listed as good, but I want to hear the crowd's decision.

    I have over 10-15 domains.

    Hurricane Electric Free DNS -- I see posts around, and this one seems to be recommended on LowEndBox
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  2. #2,, hurricane are good enough. IF the problem persist just while trying to access your control panel just use your local *hosts file and skip contacting DNS servers at all.

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    A few more... Amazon Route 53,,,

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