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    How to accept credit card via WHMCS?

    Hello does anybody know how to accept credit card via WHMCS??? Thank you

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    What country are you from?

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    Most easiest way would be through PayPal.

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    PayPal is a wonderful payment proccessor that will allow people to lay you using their bank / debtor / and or credit card. It's very useful and easy to use.

    Alternatively you can always go with another payment processor there are a lot payment processors another one is you just must do your homework and see which ones have high fees and which ones do not.

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    Can try Plimus, 2checkout... as some customers can't pay via PayPal. but they have high fee and you should be careful about high rate frauds!
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    Your will need to acquire a merchant account if you would like to accept credit cards without the about methods.

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    i suggest we are also using it. so far good. also there are lot of other gateways you can choose, like skrill, PayPal, stripe etc.

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    Paypal is a good solutionn. But to diversify your options and for ur clients you may opt for skrill, payza or 2co.
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    2checkout and ccnow is 2 good option for 3rd party processors,otherwise you can use your local bank. - Managed and Unmanaged Virtual & Dedicated Server|XenServer Windows & Linux VPS
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    PayPal, 2CheckOut, Stripe, ...

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    2checkout is strictly a last resort imho for all sorts of reasons.

    Stripe is your best bet if available in your country. No monthly fees and no complicated merchant sign up process.

    Of the common ones mentioned here Stripe is the ONLY truly full featured credit card merchant account. All the other services require the customer to be redirected to their website and re-enter some details and encourage or even require them to create an account with their service. With Stripe, everything the customer does appears to them to be in your billing system. They never know that Stripe is your payment processor.
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    +1 for Stripe. We use them and have never had a problem. There are free Stripe + WHMCS plugins out there as well. The setup process is painless. - Specializing In Dedicated Servers and Financial Hosting
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